A common business misconception is "Data is King!" And so executives gather as much data as they can and most of it is useless.

There are 2 main segments of information that flows into every business. They are available through two applications that are required to run a continuously growing business.; ERP / Accounting and CRM. What is also required are the proper tools to extract the relevant data from each application and visually present them in a manner that ,makes t easy to apply that data to improve your business each and every quarter

The purpose of CRM

CRM (Customer relationship management) manages the interaction between a business and its current and potential customers. Analyzing and using data about customers' history will improve business relationships and specifically focus on customer retention and continuously increase sales and more importantly profit.

The purpose of ERP / Accounting

Accounting software measures the results of your sales and marketing efforts and presents them in a manner to easily analyze the success of your business. Cost of goods and expenses are applied to sales / revenue and a profit result emerges. The results of your CRM, , marketing and sales performance can now be visualized with the proper reporting tools and help facilitate tweaks, of your business process so that profits will continue to grow.